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What We Do

We help companies build their next breakthrough product and provide services that grow their business exponentially. Our goal is to make every business succeed.


Our Mission

Oneskai aims to power companies providing technology solutions and help them to build the next big thing. Our mission is to help companies in their digital transformation journey.

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Our Culture

Our company is built keeping people at the center. Everyone in our company, from the senior to interns, share knowledge and ideas regardless of their position.

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People at the Center

We have a People First approach. Our company is built keeping people at the center.

Keep the Team First

The soul of our work principle is teamwork and keeping the team first.

Feel with Empathy

We listen from the heart, think empathetically, and help each other grow.

Do the Right Thing

We always do the right thing — even when no one is watching us.

Giving People a Chance

We want to make a difference for so many and give chance to people.

Add Value Everyday

We share values and do positive things for our customers and colleagues.


Our Core Values

We have a set of core values that differentiates us from others. We have embedded a set of fundamental, strategically sound beliefs in the core of the company, our culture, and within our people.

Progress towards perfection

We love what we do and do what we love. We always strive to do better every day.

Life Before Work

For us, life comes before work and we always keep our people at the front.

Solutions and Services
Help You Stay Ahead

Oneskai is a next-generation global cloud technology solutions and service provider to the IT and ITes industry. As a Microsoft partner and an IT service company, we help organizations transform business by leveraging data, analytics, strategy, digital marketing, and the adoption of cloud solutions. Oneskai teams have many skilled experts who love technology and help businesses design, develop, and implement modern-day solutions.

Your business needs a competitive edge in a crowded market. We assist companies in transforming for the future.

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our story

How We Started
the Journey

After meeting in the hostel room, co-founders Swapan Kumar Manna and Sandeep Mondal formed an innovative startup Oneskai.

Since then, Oneksai has been helping organizations of all sizes to transform their businesses for the future world.

Swapan Kumar Manna

Swapan Manna


Sandeep Mondal
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Sandeep Mondal


We Believe That

We are a team of tech geeks and creative thinkers. We believe starting a business should be easy, and companies should achieve their business goals.

Our Team


Let Our Experts Help You

Oneskai teams have many skilled experts who love technology and help businesses design, develop, and implement modern-day solutions. Our main goal is to help businesses solve the everyday challenges they face, transform their business operations, and grow significantly.

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Sandeep Mondal
Sneha Kapale


What We Offer

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Strategy & Consulting

We help to develop an actionable digital strategy & consulting, marketing and create a roadmap to adopt the cloud.

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Cloud & IT

As a Microsoft partner, our expertise lies on to help adopt the cloud solutions and infrastructure in your digital transformation journey.

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Data & Analytics

Turn your data into revenue, from initial planning to ongoing management, to advanced data science applications.

You’re in Good Company

We want you for helping our customers. Together, we win
with experience—across our employees, customers, and community.
We’ve created an environment filled with opportunity. Join us and be a part of the journey.

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A Company Built Keeping its People at the Centre

Oneskai teams have a bunch of skilled experts who love technology and help businesses to design, develop and implement modern-day solutions. Our main goal is to help businesses to solve the common challenges they face every day transform their business operations and grow the business significantly.

Our Partner Ecosystem

We focus on solutions and services and try to impact
through our talent, passion, and hard work.



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