Cloud Migration

Do Your Business Better in Cloud​​

Take your operations to the next level by migrating your business to the cloud. Move your infrastructure to the cloud-based solutions provided by WPMUDEV, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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Hassle-free Migration

Move Your Business to the Cloud​

Seamless cloud migration helps reduce costs, increase productivity, promote better work practices, and keep your business always ahead.

Cloud Benefits


With cloud migration, you and your team can access data and files from anywhere and at any time.


Secure servers mean your valuable data is always protected from all threats, with timely back-ups and distributed nodes.


No hold-ups. Connect applications simply and seamlessly for data and processes.

Assess Your Cloud Readiness

More Advantages. Fewer Challenges​

Analyze data quickly and encourage collaboration with an easy-to-use interface and shareable reports. Process and share huge amounts of data security.

Choose the Right

Proven Strategies

We offer secure and optimized strategies for cloud migration services. The process involves finding out environmental stability and interdependencies. After this, we'll segment data and applications into ease and difficulty of migration.

Finally, we'll lay down foolproof plans for the actual migration.

Proven Strategies

Evaluate and Reassess

Advanced Analytics

We'll discuss your business strategy and the primary advantages of migration. With careful planning and an understanding of what you expect to get out of the process, we'll indicate metrics for success.

Finally, we'll show you how painless it is to use cloud-migrated data for analysis and insights.

Advanced Analytics

Prioritize Data Security

Speed and Security

We're equipped to take care of compliance issues and other potential breaches. Any threats of malware or other attacks will be neutralized. All of this will be achieved within a timeline that causes as little disruption as possible.

We'll help to setup best practices for security, connectivity and policies prior to migration.

Speed Security

Streamline Migration

Streamlined Deployment

We're experienced in a range of friction-free deployment methods, depending on the size and nature of your business operations. This ranges from a one-step deployment to a mixed model when migration is carried out in stages.

We offer customers holistic management while doing the cloud migration – regardless of where the servers or clients today reside.

Streamlined Deployment

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Management

After migration, we'll take care to ensure optimal performance for your business processes. We'll be there to work with you to ensure that your outcome hits the mark.

Deployment in the cloud does not complete the migration process. We review several key strategies after migration and constantly monitor that keeps migration projects on the right foot.

Continuous Management

The Benefits of Using Azure​

This eBook will help you understand why to adopt Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server in the cloud. Know each of these themes in greater depth that highlight why Azure makes sense for applications that rely on SQL Server or Windows Server.​

Scale Up Your Business

Focus on Scalability

Scale Up, Reduce Cost, Boost Performance

Cloud computing can scale up your business and manage large workloads and greater numbers of users far more easily than on-premises infrastructure. Our experience and expertise in cloud migration ensure you can rely on us for a stable and reliable path to the future.

Better Flexibility

Cloud Migration Without the Fuss

For some businesses, moving to the cloud can enable them to improve performance and the overall user experience for their customers. Whatever your enterprise needs - we'll assess, migrate, and secure your applications.

Cloud Migration Without Fuss
Multiple Tools in One Solution

Integrations for Greater Advantages​

Our integrations optimize business processes to give you a unified and seamless data pipeline so you can look forward to better operational efficiency and flexibility. 

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Leverage Advantages with Cloud Solutions

We're a valued WPMUDEV, AWS and Microsoft partner and expert in successful cloud migration tactics and strategies. Our team of skilled experts can help your business to move to the cloud by leveraging data and analytics.