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Email marketing is a trendy, fast, and powerful marketing strategy nowadays for enhancing your business as compared to others. One of the famous surveys says that approx 75% of website visitors probably never revisit your site. Thus building an email list is vital for growing your business, so it’s compulsory that you should know how to Boost Your Email List with the help of the OptinMonster. Therefore you can convert your site viewers into subscribers or consumers. Here the question is –

What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is an online lead generation plugin/standalone application specially designed to integrate with multiple web platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc.

WPBeginner designs the OptinMonster in cooperation with Thomas Griffin Media. Now let’s discuss this topic even more through different aspects.

Designer Forms are Proven to Convert    

OptinMonster plugin is a great list-building tool with varied, powerful, and user-friendly features which are guaranteed how to build a massive email list. That’s guaranteed because it helps to raise the email list by about six hundred percent. OptinMonster allows you to create and combine very effective or multiple email signup forms with a mobile-friendly interface involving more than 65 pre-defined templates on your site. And also, its drag-and-drop user interface makes it easy to use. The good thing is that you don’t require to write any code.         

Display personalized messages at the right time via behavior automation

The OptinMonster precise targeting or segmentation engine lets you showcase personalized messages based on user behavior to enhance engagement, conversions, and sales. It includes dynamic text replacement, advanced page-level targeting, or custom display rules.

A/B Testing    

The A/B testing feature will aid you in taking away the guesswork by allowing you to try diverse styles, headlines, and content layouts to observe what converts best. You can A/B test your ideas and craft data-driven decisions via default conversion analytics.

Here OptinMonster will duplicate your existing optin, and after that, you can alter it as per your selection. Perhaps demonstrate a different headline or even an utterly unique offer. Through A/B testing, you can get the stats that matter most as a whole.

Utilize Timely Pop-Ups To Amplify Sign-Ups

As most people think that Email pop-ups give a lousy user experience, but it’s not true. It’s not the pop-up that depreciates user experience. It’s all about the right timing to display them on screen.

Showcasing email pop-ups to your readers just after they visit your site doesn’t make sense. Give value to your readers and impress them through your content before asking for their email addresses. It is one of the reasons why OptinMonster email pop-ups are a perfect fit. It uses smart triggers to present pop-ups as per the user’s behavior and interaction with your content. Here you can activate pop-ups on a set time delay or the proportion of content scrolled by the visitor.

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You can even enable exit-intent pop-ups that are generated before the viewers’ pointer moves towards the pinnacle of the browser, representing they mean to go away from your website. You can also manage the sensitivity of the exit-intent trigger. These pop-up boxes can become 100 times successful in gaining leads with the right timings. It is moreover said to be one of the good examples of how to build an email list for marketing.

Spotlight Resources and Offers Via the Floating Bar Feature

Floating Bar

The OptinMonster smart targeting alternatives will allow you to take the floating bar feature to a higher level. You can also use it to promote particular resources to a targeted section of your audience or as a constant invitation for your readers to join your email list. One of the research reports shows that the floating bar is one of the favorite features and avails a significant boost in the sign-up rate. The floating bar can even be a great replacement for email pop-ups, only if you don’t like to use them. It could be a worthy feature to try out for increasing your email list.

Apply Content Lock Feature to Get Leads With Gated Content

Firstly let’s understand in short –

What is gated content?

Simply put, Gated content is content on your site that is never accessed until the readers give their email addresses. You can use a content lock feature to gate your content. Content gating is an easy and elegant way to make lots of email subscribers from each blog post you launch. It may look like forcing a reader, but actually, it works as gated content becomes visible more than halfway through your blog post. That’s how the visitor is already interested or engaged which means the reader is likely to share his email address to read on.

By gating your best content, you can gain faster leads and build stronger relationships with your spectators. Holding something back make out those people who are more serious, and you can build trust.OptinMonster can make content gating eye-catching via the better user interface and signing up really simple for the visitor, resulting in quicker lead generation. Not just this, but you can also access the option to select how much content you desire to lock. And once a visitor submits their email address, the smart lock will make sure that they never see the pop-up again in the future.

Attract Readers Through Animated Pop-ups

Somehow if the usual pop-up is not enough to work out, OptinMonster also has animated pop-ups to motivate your readers or make them take action. It is called monster effects, and you can apply it to any pop-up you make by OptinMonster. You can select from a tremendous number of built-in CSS3 animation effects to fetch interest in your opt-in forms.

Animated PopUp

Plus, you can also drive traffic to your opt-in landing page through Facebook ads. Just ensure you optimize Facebook ads for conversions. Here you can give pleasant combo offers in replacement of email addresses it is how to grow your email list using Facebook.

Meta description – In this article will see the guaranteed and useful ways, i.e., how to Boost Your Email List through OptinMonster plugins with advanced targeting. Once you experience how it works and achieve a positive return on investment (ROI), you can use the full version to access complete features. At last, if you want to enhance your email list or recover your opt-in rates, then OptinMonster is an excellent choice. 

Through a streamlined, defined digital strategy, your business can increase productivity, improve the customer experience and drive innovation.

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