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The OneCMS helps marketers and editorial teams have more power with content planning.

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Designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.

Swapan Kumar Manna

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CMS Solutions Built for Your Business

The powerful content management system is easy to use for marketers and editors that gives your users a unique experience. Focus on your content more and less on development.


Empower Your Marketing and Editorial Team

Analyze, plan and execute your content marketing strategy within the single sign-on dashboard. Manage your users and their roles, create tasks, SEO strategy, marketing promotion, subscription plan, and powerful analytics in the admin panel.

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Digital Publishing Solution that Connects People

Our CMS has everything you need to build a powerful content strategy that converts.

Powerful Features That You Need

Powerful Analytics

Get a bird's eye view of the entire organization's editorial and marketing effort and bring innovation to work.

User Management

Manage users efficiently with the powerful user management dashboard. Activate or block users with a single click.

Help Panel

Become an expert managing our CMS. Get help from our vast resources of help manuals, videos, how-to guides, and more.

SEO Recommendations

Our CMS has everything you need to build a powerful content strategy that attracts and converts your audience.

CRM Integration

Integrate your CRM with the OneCMS and create account-based marketing with the help of our CMS.

Editorial Plan

Create, manage editorial calendar, tasks and execute your content plan per your marketing campaign.

Integrate Without the Annoying Plugins

Integrate popular tools with our CMS seamlessly and make your work process more manageable.





We Understand You and Your Need

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