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7 Solid Reasons Why You Need WordPress Page Builder to Build a Website

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Now website building is not as complicated a task as before because many page-building tools and plugins allow you to do this quickly within a few minutes. This article will discuss why you should use a WordPress page builder tool.

What is WordPress Page Builder? 

It is a newly developed advanced page-building tool for WordPress with lots of modern functionalities like device-specific responsiveness control, export/import options, and so on. Let’s explore this topic further and see how WP Page Builder benefits your website. Here will discuss the seven crucial reasons to build your site with WP Page Builder. 

#1 Quicker Real-time Front-end Altering

It is an incredibly fast plugin to design a stunning or functional website in comparison to other similar tools. Build a Website with WP Page Builder on WordPress in a unique manner as several ready elements are already available. You are only required to know how to use them being built via the latest technologies.

This tool assists you get your website finished in some time. If you don’t have any skill in writing code but want to build websites, then WordPress Page Builder is the right choice for you.

Elementor page builder | image credit: elementor

Here, you don’t need to write code. The page builder’s rich site-building elements or drag/drop functionality do the work for you. Creating a web page and updating it with WordPress Page Builder is too simple. You can choose a layout while building a page. Once selected, click “Edit.” You can pick the number of columns and begin dragging/dropping elements on them.

Therefore, enjoy a new website-building experience with multiple art resources inside and make quick web pages with a pleasing user interface.

#2 Mechanism-specific Responsiveness Controls

The WordPress Page Builder device-specific responsiveness controlling system allows you to easily manage and optimize web pages for tablets, desktops, and smartphones. You can decide the way your website appears on the varied sizes of devices. The procedure of creating web pages responsive with a single unit (pixel) does not compose the best page builder.

The page builder introduces numerous responsiveness units along with pixels. You can even calculate the active breakpoint, including rem and percentage units. You can modify the element sizes or also show/hide specific aspects for particular devices.

#3 Access Library for Blocks Customization

Via page builder, you can reuse an earlier designed segment on various pages of your site. It’s all made possible because of the WP Page Builder library system, where you can store your design blocks. Once you save them in the library afterward, you can reprocess them several times as you desire.

For example – After making a content part in a row, hover above the row and click on the save row icon, then provide it a name and tap on the Save button. 

#4 Plenty of Pre-defined Layouts

You can build any website as a wide range of pre-designed templates are available within the WordPress page builder. Choose any most relevant layout that matches your constraints, update your content, and launch the site in very little time. These pre-defined layouts come in a diversity of layout packs few well-known layout packs are as follows:-

  • Architecture is built for architectural design, home decor, or other matching communities/firms. The default pages consist of home, about, and services. 
  • Lawyer- This pack comprises individuals, lawyers, and law firms providing services connected to law. Here the available pages comprise home, about, notice, services, and contact.
  • Insurance is the ideal option for any agency that provides insurance services, a finance-associated company, or a corporate firm. It involves three built-in pages: home, about, or services.
  • Business is built for business firms or companies’ needs. They can use this pack to present profiles, portfolios, or services. The available pages in this pack include portfolio, home, about, team, services, pricing, and contact.
  • Plumber—This pack covers several diverse services, such as carpentry, plumbing, domestic cleaning, housekeeping, painting, and repair service sites. It has three built-in pages: home, about, and services.
  • Third-party page layouts—You can access additional page layouts in WP Page Builder’s Layouts division. Build a plugin that contains your page layouts. Then, install and activate that plugin so that you can use it. Now, creating web pages with your page layouts has become a reality. 

However, various professional-grade page layouts are available within WP Page Builder. Choosing the preferred layout becomes simple via different categories, and the excellent thing is that most of these packs come free.

#5 Versatile User-friendly Interface

The WordPress page builder is built with wide-ranging features concerning all levels of WordPress users. The site offers large elements, for example, edit, duplicate, delete, etc. The page builder provides the following development benefits. Let\’s illustrate them one by one.

  • Create many row-column arrangements — With WordPress page builder, crafting a row and estimating the number of columns is a few clicks away. Just click on “Add Row,” and a section with a number of columns emerges where you can select the relevant columns.
  • Duplicate any component in one click—After you have created a segment, whether a column or a row, you don’t need to construct it again. You can replicate it in a single click; just find the duplicate icon on the customization option panel and hit it. Hence, you can replicate anything on a page.
  • Manage column spacing — The page builder gutter option allows you to adjust spaces between columns more easily. No matter how many columns are in a single row, you can efficiently manage the space between them. 
  • Import/ Export Content or Clear — The page builder lets you export pages and import pages from outside. You can import, export, and clear page content via the tools menu through three different sub-tools.
  • Limitless undo/redo Alternatives — If you have deleted some vital content by mistake, you don’t have to worry because there are unlimited undo or redo options to revert those deeds. While updating pages in WP Page Builder, you always have those buttons available at the bottom to take action.
  • Add custom Cascading style sheet (CSS) — To Add custom CSS to any element, you only need to go to the advanced styling option and add CSS. Not only this, but you can also call classes and ids as well as define a z index to all elements if compulsory. 

#6 Includes a large number of Important Icons

At the time of building the site, icons play a vital role aside from the design you want them to highlight and distinguish your content. The page builder has an extensive collection of font icons to meet this requirement. About 670 plus awesome front icons exist within the WordPress page composer tool and 340+ WPPB line icons. The page builder allows you to edit your site font styles and alter the colors.

#7 28 Add-Ons and Much More

There are ample add-ons in WordPress page builder to fully furnish and deck your website. Drag and drop the add-ons on web pages, then change the page looks the way you like. Some incredible add-ons are form, feature box, carousel, accordion, flip box, pricing table, animated number, social button, pie progress, testimonial, and SoundCloud.

The Themify, SiteOrigin, Elementor, BoldGrid, Beave, and Divi builders are some of the best examples of WP Page Builder for the website.

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