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5 New Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Adopt in 2024

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Due to the increased use of smartphones, high internet penetration, and social media use, digital marketing is constantly changing. This change is bringing new opportunities for marketers. More marketing channels and tools are helping marketers innovate unique ways to engage their audiences.

Let’s understand what digital marketing is. Why is digital marketing vital for your business growth?

Digital marketing is an approach to promoting your business worldwide that connects customers with brands over the Internet or other digital mediums. In the age of smartphones, digital marketing plays a significant role in reaching targeted customers and increasing credibility, trust, and loyalty.

Digital Marketing Strategies
5 new digital marketing strategies you should adopt in 2024

As a marketer, you can do this efficiently and cost-effectively by utilizing digital marketing strategies, tips, and tricks in the coming year.

Let’s explore the best digital marketing strategies marketers will focus on in 2024 to grow businesses.

Visual or Voice Search

These days, voice and visual searches are rapidly gaining popularity due to their convenience and ease of use.

As a result, businesses should prioritize optimizing their online presence for these search methods to enhance user experience and reach a wider audience.

In a time when people are more inclined to multi-tasking, voice search is gaining more popularity. Customer needs also fueled companies to focus on the technology in smart devices. Big tech giants like Microsoft, Pinterest, and Google are all focusing more on voice search.

According to Google, 70% of people who own voice-activated speakers say that using their devices is part of their daily routine.

Similarly, Pinterest receives over 600 million visual searches per month. Furthermore, 85% of respondents prioritize visual information over text when shopping for clothing or furniture online.

Voice Search
Voice search | image credit: contentstack

One reason voice search is so popular today is the growing popularity of smart speakers. These voice search statistics will demonstrate the correlation between voice searches and smart speakers. More people are getting their hands on voice-enabled devices.

Voice search is also growing as a way for consumers to discover more valuable information without even lifting a finger.

Here, marketers can gain an edge in their digital marketing strategies by arranging specially made content to await potential consumers after their image searches and gaining more insights into their favorites.

Voice Search Optimization
Voice search stats | image credit: oberlo

For example, Domino’s has done well in this prospect, teaming up with Amazon Echo to allow customers to order pizza directly via a single voice command. Letting people communicate with you through voice search makes their lives more comfortable and presents an opening to incorporate brand personality or tenor in how you respond.

The aspects of voice search also showcase a challenge for digital marketers, who have to make out how to optimize together for humans and devices.      

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

Well-groomed companies are influencing mobile cameras to improve their client experience. With AR or VR, you can get better brand engagement and help out with pre-purchase choices by bringing your products to life. By permitting consumers to connect more thoughtfully through immersive understanding, they are ready to hit upon what they are searching for and be pleased.

Amazon places Oculus Rift VR booths during Prime Day, letting shoppers familiarize themselves with many products, from Nerf guns to refrigerators, as they would in physical reality.

Ar Vr Stats
Diverse potential of vr & ar applications | image credit: statista

These products are significantly improving the customer journey. When getting users to an exact physical locality is impossible, AR can give greater flexibility and reach via mobile apps.

StubHub successfully presents an AR feature that lets fans know the city and stadium quickly. Potential ticket purchasers may click to observe a 3D map of the stadium, parking, and more, making it simpler to imagine themselves at the event.

By organizing VR and AR tactically, you can only deliver to customers the details of the pre-purchase knowledge they want, demising the effort they should take to obtain it.

AI in Digital Marketing Strategies

In the past, digital marketers were doubtful about including AI in their strategies. Although AI is valuable for simplifying data-based experiences or improving user experiences, belief in it has increased.

For instance, KLM has done massive work by creating a plug-in with the messenger that streamlines everything from booking to check-in or flight status updates. Chatbots can assist pre-purchase decisions, like Bing’s business bot, which is embedded into search results and permits interested audiences to have basic queries about the businesses around them.

If their query is not on the pre-defined list, the bot passes them on to a phone number. The bot also asks business owners additional questions based on what users are looking for so that they can be answered quickly in the future. By filtering replies to fit user wants, AI permits you to aid users better and faster over time. 

The CMO study by Marketing Charts found that companies in the B2B area are the top users of AI for content personalization (62.2%).

Cmos Are Using Ai
How cmos are using ai | image credit: forbes

Analyzing user data in marketing was a key area in 2022, and in the next year, its use will be diversified in other areas as well.

Video Content

These days, more searches are done through mobile devices than on the desktop. With the move from desktop to mobile, there will be more focus on short video content, as users prefer video content more than text-form content.

98% of marketers agree that video converts better than other types of content. That is an impressive figure. B2B buyers, on the other hand, prefer video content over written content, with 95% saying the video is important in purchasing decisions.

Instagram Reel
Image credit: instagram

Short video content became more popular after TikTok, a popular social media for millennials, launched. Other social media also followed, seeing its popularity — Instagram launched the Reels feature while YouTube launched Shorts that, in a short time, became so popular among the users.

Videos not only capture but also maintain viewers’ attention. Videos can pack a lot of information into a small package because they can combine movement, sound, and text. A one-minute video is said to be worth 1.8 million words. The popularity of the video attracted marketers to focus more on this new channel, which will grow in the coming days.

Native Marketing

The foremost part of native advertising is pushing marketing to be more creative. Now, consumers are opposed to advertising, and the sudden rise of Adblockers has made it even harder for marketers to send out their messages.

If companies want to catch consumers’ attention in 2024, they have to work on crafting their Ads merge more naturally into the content. Native ads grant a much-needed break from in-your-face methods such as banner ads.

But, as brands work desperately to become less annoying, they’ve productively blurred the lines between native and traditional ads. Customers are growing wiser, and native ads are becoming crucial in the marketing mix for numerous leading brands like Lexus.

Last Words

A popular survey says businesses will power native ad strategies via social media, such as Instagram stories, illustrating content that users hardly recognize as ads.

Finally, if you want to become more successful as a digital marketer in the upcoming year, Digital marketing strategies and tips are specific options to consider.

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