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How to Successfully Implement Pharma Analytics into Actionable Reports Using Power BI

Pharma Analytics

Power BI is a set of business analytics tools that provides insights across your industry. It aids you in linking to thousands of data sources, making data prep simpler, and running ad hoc analysis. It also creates amazing and professional reports and then publishes them for your firm to use on the web and across multiple mobile handsets.

Using Power BI, you can easily design a tailored dashboard with an exclusive 360-degree view of your firm. Recent reports have shown that business Intelligence (BI) is widely preferred by multiple Pharmaceutical industries due to its variety of benefits.

Here, we’ve come up with a list of some everyday purposes why Pharmaceutical companies are opting for Business Intelligence:


Pharmaceutical companies are essentially spending funds on marketing. Hence, tracking sales performance and consumer behavior to practice marketing strategies appropriately becomes essential.

Utilizing relevant KPIs such as campaign analysis, market share analysis, and customer segmentation, BI enables organizations to explore profitable brands, evaluate consumer behavior, and monitor the success of marketing campaigns. It further aids in determining profitability through customer demographics and other crucial factors.

Financial Analysis

It is crucial for pharmaceutical industries to analyze their financial data to manage costs and create an efficient budget. Business Intelligence facilitates organizations’ analysis and estimation of financial performance and the development of the necessary financial reports.

Clinical Data

In recent times, the pharmaceutical business has been under extreme pressure to accelerate its brands to the market whilst keeping costs down. To do the same, analyzing and efficiently handling the clinical data process is essential.

BI possesses the analytical abilities to trace all data, determine the most effective practices, and boost resource distribution.

In addition to this, by assembling data from various sources, BI helps pharmaceutical companies to analyze trends and uncertainty. Moreover, it has proven effective in examining risks during product design and launch.


Pharmaceutical companies should analyze the data of the entire organization and turn the same into crucial actionable reports to get enhanced profit margins. Tracing productivity levels, supplier networks, and the quality of products is all you can get through Business Intelligence.

Furthermore, it can also aid you in efficiently allocating your business resources and easily monitoring employees\’ productivity.

To stay competitive and feasible, the pharmaceutical industries opt for BI to sustain the frequently changing organization.

Apart from facing the ultimate challenge of designing the latest drugs, they\’re also responsible for making their manufactured drugs go ahead in the market at a time when there is huge competition in the market.

Now, Power Business Intelligence assists pharmaceutical organizations in creating accurate solutions to the countless modifications of the firm.

It is obvious that designing new drugs, sustaining competition with generic drugs, and placing their own drugs in the competitive market has put a lot of pressure on pharmaceutical companies to concentrate on further design and development. However, the good news is that this pressure can easily be alleviated using Power BI.

If you desire to turn Pharma Analytics into actionable reports, here’s how you can do it using Power BI.

✓Connect to your data

Regardless of the location of your data, you can easily access it using several on-premises and cloud-based sources, including, but not limited to, Dynamics 365, Azure SQL DB, Salesforce, SharePoint, and Excel. Make sure your data is up to date with incremental and automated refreshes. Power BI lets you gain deep insights into a wide range of setups.

✓Prep and represent your data easily

Data prep will likely consume a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to. Retrieve the time of your day utilizing the self-service Power Query skills identical to that of thousands of Excel users. Integrate, transform, enrich, and ingest data in none other than Power Business Intelligence.

✓Offer advanced analytics with an expertise in Excel

Power BI helps business users get a deeper knowledge of data and discover patterns they could have otherwise overlooked. You can easily do so with the use of spectacular features of BI, i.e., forecasting, clustering, quick measures, and grouping. The users who opted for advanced Power BI are entitled to complete power over their model utilizing the powerful DAX formula language. You\’ll feel amazing using Power BI if you possess the prior knowledge and relevant Excel skills.

✓Develop interactive reports personalized for your firm

Design topmost reports using interactive data visualizations. You can either describe your story using the drag-and-drop picture and approximately 85+ latest data visuals from partners and Microsoft or design it independently with the help of Power BI\’s open-source custom visual framework. The reports can be crafted with formatting, themes, and specific layout tools.

✓Reach several users through mobile apps and websites

Let the visual analytics reach the users that require it. Design mobile-optimized reports for people to use up on the go, publish the same from none other than power BI desktop to the on-premises or cloud and set the reports crafted in the BI desktop into accessible websites or applications.

The escalated challenges in pharmaceutical industries clearly depict that pharmaceutical firms make their best efforts to survive in the market, facing multiple challenges. Power BI offers these industries in-depth analytical reports, unlimited user access, and graphics dashboards.

There is no doubt that with all the data integrated from various sources, companies can manage their organizations effectively, boost their sales and revenue, and optimize their competitive side. So what are you waiting for? If you want the above-listed benefits, use Power BI and expand your pharmaceutical organization. All the best!

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