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Today social media marketing is in the top 10 list of businesses for promotion deeds as social media has more than 2.5 billion active users in total. However, most business owners have still do not enough understanding of the social media marketing strategy at best. Therefore by recognizing what not to do, you can outline a successful plan that will determine the outcome of more brand awareness, consumer engagement, or an increase in leads and sales.

First of all, let’s discuss precisely – What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

It’s a type of internet marketing that uses social media sites and social networks as a marketing tool for promoting the company’s products and services. Here are seven mistakes that you must avoid while developing a social media marketing strategy which is a very vital step to consider for social media marketing success.

Let’s explore each of them one by one:-

Mistake 1:- Promoting your Business a Lot

Too much promotion through adverts can somehow drop the brand image of your business as well as there will be a chance that you lose followers and likes on social media. However, most companies get excited about social media and directly jump on each social network for advertising deeds. And spend a lot of time without producing outcomes focus on doing a few things well instead of loads of things inadequately.

Promotion requires to be implemented effectively it is about being friendly and communicating hence your post should be more engaging and interactive. So if you are a marketer don’t advertise much but do as per business requirements or customer needs with more attention.   

Mistake 2:- Not Including Visuals

It is the biggest social media marketing mistake you did ever as great images, and videos generate more engagements or popularity on social networks. The other thing is that you need to consider the clarity of pictures or videos, i.e., never post unclear images and poor sound quality videos. The best option is that now you can even choose quick tools to create visual content such as Piktochart/Canva for pictures and Animoto to make quick, high-quality videos.

90% of online users say that video plays a higher role in purchasing choices so try to post powerful videos on social media. However these days most smartphones have excellent camera capability, and deconstructed, candid videos are becoming trendy.

Mistake 3:- Skipping Negative Reviews

If you have an online business then sometimes negative reviews are a must come as there will be people who deliver negative feedback no matter what you do. Several companies decide to neglect it, but you shouldn’t. In its place, acknowledge the criticism or respond with care. If you obtain negative comments on your posts, you ought to thank the person who answered for pointing out the exacting trouble they are having and professionally attend to the dilemma.

Reacting to negative feedback also offers you an opportunity to be transparent with your consumers and followers. Although it takes time and energy to sort out the negative word of mouth it’s worth it when comes to more positive leads again and new customers. On the other hand, ignoring your customers’ negative feedback can affect your business growth.

Mistake 4:- Overlook Paid Advertising

Most of the social media platforms receive a fee in exchange for business promotion as an organic reach on social sites is too less. Presently your primary mediums for paid advertising are Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. And don’t forget niche as well as up-and-coming platforms like Houzz, Nextdoor, etc. The other key component is that social media paid advertising allows you to do specific targeting and is an affordable and fast form of social advertising. 

By selecting paid advertising, you can build a perfectly furnished ad and get a higher conversion rate finally. Also, you can showcase your ads in multiple themes like Facebook lets you make single image ads, videos, screen takeovers, and so on.

Mistake 5:- Looking for Fast Results

Success in social media doesn’t happen immediately you have to keep the patience, for example, every startup or new business took some time to reach the pinnacle. Your marketing strategy will define how your business outcomes whether it is positive or negative results.

However, you must apply marketing strategy regularly over time to produce results. And don’t imagine grand results in 30 days look to accomplish quarterly benchmarks and keep in mind that it takes time to obtain results from any marketing attempt.

Mistake 6:- Not Using Analytics

It is said to be one of the critical elements in your business. There’s almost no point in using social media without actionable insights. For example, as you determine the success of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and email advertising campaigns via analytics software. Hence you can also track or evaluate your performance metrics on social media as well by utilizing special software to add extra functionality.

Here Google Analytics can do this job for you to track the online visitor’s actions and analyze the amount of traffic that comes to your website. You can also calculate the quality of your followers, the recognition of your posts, or the coverage of your influence to gain statistics that will assist your future social media marketing hard work.

Mistake 7:- Going off Niche

You need to include interesting topics that are connected to your product but are not overtly your product. While you follow this, it is essential to don’t go off-topic. Make sure that your posts are frequently appealing and keep the audience informed and always try to keep the data you post on social media relevant to your niche.

For example, if you have a business that is related to cosmetic products your followers don’t like to know which unique food recipe you found.  

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